Remembrance Day

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How does a "Dutch" Realtor never forget? My parents are both Dutch. So are my wife's. We've both heard many stories of the atrocities in the second world war. We've also both been told the many stories of human kindness and heroism. Though the atrocities were numerous and their effects long-lasting, we also learned that [...]

Calgary’s employment numbers continue to add confidence to our real estate market.

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  According to CMHC, employment in the first quarter of 2013 grew by 2.0 per cent year-over year, down from 4.6 per cent in the first quarter of 2012. Continued development of Alberta’s natural resources has been a key contributor to the economic and employment growth in Calgary. The rise in employment occurred solely among full-time jobs as they increased 3.1 per cent in the [...]

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