Market Update: March 2022

CREB Now March 2022 Market Update: Record high sales seen again in March For the second month in a row, sales activity not only reached a monthly high but also hit new record highs for any given month. Gains occurred across every property type as they all hit new record highs. An increase in new […]

Calgary Real Estate Market Update! I June 2024

Pete: So we’ve seen sales declined by almost 13% and we’ve seen inventory grow by over 9%. Months of supply even is up by 25%. Are we getting into a buyer’s market? No, no, no, no, no, no. Stand by, I’ll give you all the details.  Pete de Jong here with ReMax. So we’re going […]

Calgary Real Estate Market Update! I March 2024

Pete: Hey guys, it’s Pete de Jong and Katelyn Brecio here with RE/MAX for another Calgary real estate market update. This is for March of 2024. And we’re going to talk a little bit about inventory versus demand. Supply versus demand. In other words, we’re going to talk about the effect of that on pricing […]

Calgary Real Estate Market Update! I February 2024

Hey, everyone. It’s Pete de Jong here with Remax Professionals with a market update for Calgary, March 2024. So what I’m going to do today is I’m going to go into the past a little bit and talk about what’s happened over the last four years. And then we’re going to talk about what’s going […]

Calgary Real Estate Market Update! I January 2024

Hey everyone, it’s Pete de Jong here with REMAX Professionals with a market update for January of 2024 versus January of 2023. And there is some good news. New listings are up 15.4%. But wait a minute. Why is inventory still down? Hold on one second. I’ll tell you. All right. So before we get […]

Calgary Real Estate Market Update! I November 2023

Katelyn: I didn’t really that was fine. Oh, now we’re like the same height.  Pete: Well, I sit down and you stand up. And I’ll sit right towards the front. Yeah, when I sit and you stand, we’re the same height. Katelyn: Wow. Okay. I feel tall now. It doesn’t even look like I’m standing.  […]

September 2023 Market Update! | Is Change Coming?

Hey, everyone. It’s Pete de Jong with REMAX Professionals here. As you can see, I don’t have Katelyn with me today, which is kind of too bad. But the reality is she got some bad news about her puppy last night or this morning. So she’s taken some time off. She’s not doing really well. […]

August 2023 Market Update! | Do We Have Enough Inventory?!

Hey everyone, it’s Pete de Jong with ReMax here with a very, very quick and short market update for the month of August. Of course I’m away from the office right now. I’m out of the province and so I obviously don’t have Kate with me and so I apologize for that. But here’s the […]

July 2023 Market Update! | The Calgary Real Estate Market is on Fire!!!

Pete: Quiet on the set. Rolling.  Kate: Hey, how do you do it Like this? No, like this.  Pete: You have to ask that crazy weirdo that was here. Hey everyone, it’s Pete de Jong, here with the actual Kate. Kate is back from holidays.  Kate: Hello.  Pete: For a few days. So that’s nice […]

June 2023 Market Update! | Calgary’s WORST Market Update!

Pete: ​Hey everyone, it’s Pete de Jong here with Remax. As you can see today, I don’t have Kate with me. She’s on holidays again, which is what she does.  “Kate”: Hey Pete. Hey, sorry I’m late. Pete: She’s back. Sorry, I didn’t realize she back. Grab a seat. We are just starting the monthly […]

May 2023 Market Update! | New Record High Sales?!

Kate: Hey guys, this is Katelyn  Pete: and Pete de Jong  Kate: and we are here to bring you your monthly update for May.  Pete: Yeah, for the Calgary Real Estate. Yes. In Calgary. which is probably where Calgary real estate would be. I don’t know. Come to think of it .  It’s been quite […]

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