When I discuss with other Realtors that I don’t work Sundays, I love to watch their reaction. I’m often met with blank stares and confused looks. Sometimes,  a little frustration or even anger. In fact, what surprises most agents, is that I have never lost a client or a transaction for doing it!

Which to me is funny. Because it’s the opposite of what I get when talking about it with my clients. My clients (now, I do happen to have the BEST clients EVER) always respect me for it. They usually get a day or two off per week as well, and understand the need. The comments I hear from them after discussing it include: “Why doesn’t every realtor take a day off?” or “I picked you, because you take a day off. The other Realtor seemed desperate.”

So why do I take a day off? …and why Sunday?

Lots of reasons!

Everyone needs a day off, and so do I. I work really hard all week. If I can’t do a good job and make a decent living in 6 days, I will do something else.

I’m not just a Realtor. I’m a husband and a Dad. My clients are important to me. My family is more important. If I say that, I should act like it. Otherwise, I’m a liar.

Sundays are a great day to take off. I love going to church on Sundays. To me, hearing a sermon, and singing praises to my God, are a response to what He has done for me, and a small foretaste of what is to come.

I take the day to rest from my work. In addition to going to church, I like to take a good long walk with my dog and whichever of my four kids would like to come along. It’s a great way to clear my head and get a little exercise.

So how, every Realtor asks, do I do this?

What if an offer comes in on a Sunday?

Do you refer it to another Realtor?

Most of my clients want to work with me. I know. It always surprises me, too. I rarely will shuffle my client to another realtor. I will only do that if it is in their best interest.

I just explain to a client looking for a house, that I don’t work Sundays. We will outline this on the Buyer Brokerage Contract. If they are concerned about that, they are welcome to work with anyone else. There are over 5000(?) agents in the city. I can help them find a great one if they would like. I don’t think anyone has taken me up on that offer.

I explain to a client looking to sell their house that on the Listing Contract there is room for an “additional term”. In that area, we write that they and I agree that no offers shall be presented on Sundays. Some clients even add that they would prefer no showings on Sundays, too! That way they can have a day off, too! I leave this up to them. If a Realtor calls me with an offer on a Sunday, I will THANK them. We LOVE offers! I’ll then ask if they could simply leave the offer open until some time on Monday, as my clients have instructed me to not present any offers on Sundays.

It has always worked well!

Let me know if you would like to meet and discuss what I can do for you in six day increments. 😉