Many people tell me that they want to sell their house and confess that they don’t really know where to start. Here are the straight simple goods on finding the right agent.

First talk to your friends and colleagues and collect a few names of people that they recommend. Ask them why they are recommending them. You don’t want to find out after meeting them, that the guy they are recommending is their loser brother that really needs the money. Not good enough. Maybe do some research online and call an agent that sounds decent from there as well. And do call me. I would love to compete with anyone for your business.

“What if”, you say, “I already know someone, like …my uncle, or …you, and feel compelled to use them?”. If you know that your uncle or I do their job well, and will look after your interests, you may want to spare yourself some trouble. But if you have some doubts and are unsure you are working with the best person, interview some more! I don’t want anyone to hire me because they feel compelled to. If you know someone that you think will do a better job, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

When you meet with the different agents, ask them some tough questions. You are going into business with them. You hold the inventory. They are the marketing firm you are considering. You need to know if you can trust them to move your inventory, and at the right price. You need to know that their advice on what to do is solid. Have they done this before? How often? How do they do it? Who do they get to help them? Do they have references? Can I call as many as I’d like? What happens if I’m disappointed with your service?

Then do yourself a favour. You have interviewed them as well as others and have done your due diligence. You are paying them thousands. Listen to their advice. It’ll do you good.