On this day, you can try your hand at skillfully lobbing this tree-felling instrument in a fun, competitive, and most of all safe environment. And what’s more, at participating locations, you can do it for free! This day was created to encourage sporty types to give a go to a historical past time, relieve stress and just have fun with friends and family. Across the world, axe throwing clubs will be opening their doors to allow anyone to try the sport free of charge. So there’s no excuse not to get out in the great outdoors and give it a go!

The History of International Axe Throwing Day

Once a humble tool used for chopping down trees or for taking into battle, the common axe is now the focal point of a fun-filled activity that doesn’t involve knocking down woodland or getting into scraps. As the name suggests, axe throwing is a sport wherein the goal is to hit a target using nothing but an axe. On the whole, it’s most popular in the USA and Canada, where it started out as an event in lumberjack competitions. However, in recent years it has gained popularity in Europe and you won’t need to go too far to find somewhere to throw some axes.

When played competitively, there are some strict rules to stick to – the target is always a certain width and consisting of five rings. Much like archery, the closer to the middle you get the more points you’ll win. In all axe throwing events, safety is paramount. There’s always strict safety measures in place, to protect both those competing and any spectators. So when you join in, you can be sure that you’re in for a fun and safe time!

How to Celebrate International Axe Throwing Day

For this one day a year, you can go along and give a go at axe throwing yourself – and you’ll get to do it absolutely free. At participating locations, the activity is offered free of charge. It’s always much more fun when you’re not alone, so you are invited to bring along friends and family to join in or simply watch the sport. Who knows – perhaps just one session will awaken the inner athlete in you, or give you a brand new hobby!

Whatever you get up to on International Axe Throwing Day, stay safe and have fun!