Once in awhile I get a client that asks me about whether or not I do “open houses”. This is what I tell them:

For the most part, I love doing open houses, so if that is a condition for me to win the job of marketing your place, I’m in. But let me be honest about why Realtors like doing them, and the results you should expect.

For the most part, people that are looking to buy a house don’t drive around aimlessly on a Saturday looking for a house to buy. Motivated home buyers are being driven around on Saturdays in Realtor’s cars. If you attract anyone to your open house, in my experience, they will be one of the following:

1. Nosy neighbours. They just want to see how you decorate, and if you keep your house clean or whatever. Every honest Realtor will tell you this.

2. People that were kicked out of their open house nearby and are curious about what the competition looks like.

3. People that are considering the area for a move, maybe next year, or maybe never. Maybe.

We will hear the odd time that: “We found our house by looking at open houses!”. Could be. But I suspect that that that was either in small-town Saskatchewan, or they are like the blind squirrel that sometimes finds a nut.

So why do I still like to do them? Here is the straight answer: I love meeting your nosy neighbours, the guy kicked out of his open house, and the people planning to move sometime in a year or two!  They probably won’t buy your house, but if I can impress them with my brochures, my presentation, my calvinist work ethic, and my striking good looks (ha!) I might be able to help them sell or buy a home in the future! In other words, open houses have more to do with marketing me than your house.

That is straight talk.

To hear more, call me! I’d love to meet you!

Peteopen house