Around this time of year, I often get asked about whether or not to list (or leave listed) a house over the Christmas Holidays.

Here is what I usually recommend:

There are a number of reasons to take the house off of the market during the holidays. The market does slow right down during the latter part of December. Additionally, if you are planning on having family over, it will be an inconvenience.

There are a number of reasons, however, to leave the house listed.

1. Having your house on the market is a pain. Let’s face it. Especially if you are a family with kids you need to work extra hard to keep the house in showhome condition, and have get them all out of the house every time there is a showing. At Christmas however, you get very few showings, but the ones you get are of a higher quality. The reality is that if people are going to throw on a hat and gloves to look at homes instead of hanging out and drinking wine with friends, they are probably pretty motivated. We love motivated buyers when we are the sellers.

2. Another good reason to leave your home listed is that no one else does. It’s a simple supply and demand thing. Why list in the spring when every third house on your street is listed? Sure, there is a lot more business happening, but the buyers will also have a lot more choices, and price will become a bigger factor. December is the only month where the number of sold homes consistently meets or exceeds the number of homes listed.

3. Homes look great at Christmas. Buying a home is an emotional purchase. Let’s get emotional. Imagine a couple of buyers walking out of their condo and waiting on the cold concrete street for their Realtor to pull up. They are whisked off to the house they want to view and pull up in front of what could be their first house. The Christmas lights are up, and there is a wreath on the door. A light snow falls, adding to the ambience. The neighbours are welcoming friends with hugs and laughter. They enter the home and breathe in the aromas of cinnamon and baking. They notice the Christmas tree and hear the carols. Yes. They want this. They are sold.

To get some more specific ideas on selling your place, call me! I’d love to help!