Here’s a question I get asked every so often:


“What’s the most important quality I should look for in a REALTOR®?”


You might get asked that question yourself every so often — by a friend, work colleague or family member looking for real estate help.


Here’s my answer…


There are a lot of qualities you want in a real estate professional:


  • A friendly, caring attitude.
  • Strong sales , marketing and negotiation skills.
  • A track record of satisfied customers.
  • An organized approached to taking care of all the details.
  • A network of professionals. (Lawyers, contractors, movers, etc.)

This list goes on and on. But if I were to choose one it would be this: Listening.


A good REALTOR® really listens to the client’s concerns and wishes. In my experience, that’s the only way to ensure the client everything he or she wants and that the entire process goes smoothly.


By the way, I listen!


So if you know someone who needs real estate help, please pass along my name. I’d appreciate it!